The history of Tootsie Rolls

The history of Tootsie Rolls

Created in the 1890s by Austrian immigrant Leo Hirschfeld, these chocolate-flavored taffies were named after his daughter. And get this, they used to sell for just one penny! Back in the day, Tootsie Rolls were even delivered by horse and buggy. Talk about a sweet ride!

But Tootsie Rolls also played a role in history. During World War II, they provided "quick energy" to American troops in their G.I. rations. Talk about a candy with a mission!

The most fascinating fact about this yummy candy is how it's made. Did you know that every Tootsie Roll contains a bit of Leo's first batch? Yup, that means there's a piece of history in every one of the sixty four million Tootsie Rolls made daily! It's like sourdough bread but way sweeter. But Tootsie Rolls are more than just a treat - they've got a fascinating backstory.

And if you thought Tootsie Rolls were just chocolate, think again. They've got some fruity siblings called Tootsie Fruit Chews. Cherry, orange, vanilla, lemon, and lime flavors add a burst of sweetness to the Tootsie family.

So the next time you unwrap a Tootsie Roll, remember that you're biting into a piece of candy history. And isn't it great to know that even candy has a story?

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