The history of Skittles

The history of Skittles


Are you ready to have your mind blown by Skittles? Let's dive into the colorful world of these fruity candies.

Skittles were born in 1974 by a British company, and thankfully they made their way to North America in 1979. These little candies are a rainbow of flavors and are made by the awesome folks at the Wrigley Company, a division of Mars, Inc. You probably recognize their famous slogan, "Taste the Rainbow," which has been delighting our taste buds since 1994. Talk about a long-running advertising campaign!

But here's the best part - Skittles are now suitable for vegetarians, vegans, and certain religious groups. In 2009, they ditched the animal-derived gelatin and made everyone's candy dreams come true.

Now let's talk about what's inside these magical little candies. They've got a hard sugar shell with the letter 'S' imprinted on each one. The interior is a delightful combination of sugar, corn syrup, and hydrogenated palm kernel oil, along with fruit juice, citric acid, and natural and artificial flavors. They come in all sorts of flavors like Tropical, Wild Berry, Smoothie, and Sour. How fun is that?

Here are some mind-blowing facts about Skittles that will make you love them even more:

  • No one actually knows who invented them. Maybe it was a unicorn with a sweet tooth?
  • More than 65 countries are enjoying the deliciousness of Skittles right now. Talk about a global candy sensation!
  • Skittles are the second most popular candy in the United States, but they're number one among children in North America. Kids know what's up when it comes to candy.
  • There's a sneaky difference between American and British Skittles. While the purple ones are blackcurrant-flavored in Britain, the Americans get grape-flavored goodness.
  • Lime lovers, rejoice! After a public outcry, Skittles brought back the lime flavoring in 2013. Crisis averted.
  • Speaking of the name, Skittles got its inspiration from a game called, you guessed it, Skittles. The candies are shaped like the objects used in the game. It's like playing and eating at the same time.
  • Brace yourself for this one: over 200 million pieces of Skittles are produced each day. That's a whole lotta rainbow!
  • Here's a fun debate for you - some people think that all Skittles flavors taste the same. Mind-blowing fact or just a sweet myth?
  • Skittles conducted a survey and found out that red Skittles are America's favorite, with 33% of the vote. Poor yellow Skittles only got 6%. Tough crowd.

And here's a little bonus tip for all you Skittles lovers out there - try them freeze dried. They turn from chewy to crunchy, with an intensified flavor that will rock your taste buds.

If you like original skittles, try some of our fun flavors: Spicy (with chamoy and Tajin), Sour Tamarind, Cheesecake, Pickle and Cream flavors. 

So go ahead, grab a handful of Skittles and let the rainbow of flavors take you on a delicious journey. Taste the rainbow and enjoy the sweetness of life!



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